Installation of R and Rcmdr: R-UCA Package for Ubuntu

The package R-UCA for Ubuntu is a metapackage for install R, R-Commander and some general purpose R package.

Some advantages of the use of R-UCA for Windows are:

  • One installation for R, R-Commander y the other included packages.
  • The packages puts R icons on system menus.

This packages is developed under the colaboration of Spanish R-UCA Project and Free Software Office of Cádiz University.

Easy installation

Download the package from paquete r-uca and follow the instructions.

Remark: is an stable link to the latest version of the package.

Installation using "synaptic package manager"

Add new packages repository

  1. Start the synaptic package manager
  2. Select “Configuration → Repositories”
  3. Select the tab “Other software”
  4. Click on “Add…”
  5. Paste the source for your current SO:
    1. “deb raring main” for ubuntu raring (ubuntu 13.04)
    2. “deb oneiric main” for ubuntu oneiric (ubuntu 11.04)
    3. “deb lucid main” for lucid (ubuntu 10.4 o Guadalinex V7)
    4. “deb karmic main” for karmic
    5. “deb jaunty main” for jaunty or Guadalinex V6.
  6. Click on “+ Add source”
  7. Click on “Close”
  8. Click on “Reload”

Installation of R-UCA package

  1. Look for “r-uca” package and select it for installation.
  2. Click on “Apply”

Note: The package is updated only for the last version of ubuntu.

Note: The package for R on linux will be compiled during installation so it can take a very long time.

Current Release

Actually the development of the package is in beta status.

Survey about R-UCA package

We appreciate very much your opinion if you fills in our survey about R-UCA package

Windows Release

There is also available a windows version of the package at R-UCA package.


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