Problem description

This application looks for optimal solution to Strategic Berth Template Problem (SBTP). The SBTP combines strategic and operational decisions for medium-term berth planning of a given set of cyclically calling ships. While the strategic decisions dictate the ship calls that will be served and those whose service call will be rejected, the operational decisions determine the berth template that will be applied in a cyclic fashion in the considered planning horizon.

Furthermore, there may be links relating the strategic decisions of service to ships belonging to certain groups. These links are derived from strong transhipment relations between some large-size mother ships and some smaller feeder ships, which are contractually attached to each other. All the ships within each group must be handled similarly, in the sense that all of them are either served or rejected.


To start: select an action, input values for parameters, and press "Go". Select the tab to show. You can enter new values and the results will be updated automatically.

You can also load one of the example data sets using the "Load Examples" option. To do this, in the "Action" drop-down menu choose "Load example", in the "Example" drop-down menu choose the data set to load and then click on "Go". By selecting the data tab, you will be able to see the uploaded data.

Using the "Load Data" option you can upload your own data set.

Descripción de los conjuntos de datos

identificador del barco, principalmente el nombre.
Tiempo de llegada al puerto.
Tiempo requerido para completar el servicio en el puerto.
Primer elemento de un par de barcos que deben servirse o rechazarse de forma conjunta.
Segundo elemento del par descrito anteriormente.


Developed using shiny by M. Muñoz-Márquez under GNU-GPL licence inside R-UCA Project.