Application that generates a subset of random dataset from a dataset in an R package.

The main purpose is to use such datasets for generating a collection of problems from a template.

Note: Subset selection works only for data.frame datasets with more than one column.

To start: select a dataset, input values for parameters, and press "Go". Select a tab to show. You can enter new values and the results will be updated automatically.

For non-null values of the seed, the same subset of values will always be obtained and, therefore, the values are reproducible.

If the data is of type data.frame and has more than one column, the proportion of data chosen is the value given that it is between 0.01 and 1. In the remaining cases, the complete set is taken.

You can use the link provided in the url tab, within an elearning platform. To do this, delete the last ampersand (&) and the text below and tell the platform to pass a parameter called seed with a value that is unique to each user, such as an id or its username.

Note: The seed can be numeric or an string.

Developed using shiny by M. Muñoz-Márquez under GNU-GPL licence inside R-UCA Project.