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Installation of R and Rcmdr: R-UCA Package for Windows

The package R-UCA for Windows contains R, R-Commander and some general purpose R package.

Some advantages of the use of R-UCA for Windows are:

  • One installation for R, R-Commander y the other included packages.
  • Off-line installation is possible.
  • Configuration of R to automatically start R-Commander.
  • The uninstallation process delete all the installed files.

Current Release


Note: http://knuth.uca.es/R/R-UCA is an stable link to the latest release of the package.



  • Version 12.1: It includes 12.1 release of R, includes the packages pROC and fix the problem with the selection of the language in Windows 7.

Update Police

The R UCA package will be update, at least, with every new version or R or R-Commander.

Download Statistics

Graphical information about downloads of R-UCA packages.

Ubuntu Release

There is also available the Ubuntu release of R-UCA package.


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